We are crazy enough to think we can change the world...



We provide developmentally based psychological services (in English and Spanish) in Washington, D.C. schools, and the local community. Our developmental perspective is synthetic, trans-theoretical, and universally applicable to children and families of all ages across geography, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.

And because psychological development is observable and empirical, we can focus on getting results.

We help kids meet their developmental milestones and master the universal developmental tasks of childhood such as:

  • Paying Attention

  • Concentrating

  • Building Frustration Tolerance

  • Communicating their needs

  • Advocating for themselves

  • Following multi-step directions

  • Understanding cause and effect

  • Solving problems

  • Long-term thinking

  • Future planning

  • Self- regulation

  • Calm interactions

  • Cooperation in relationship

  • Bridging the gap between knowing "what" and knowing "why"

  • Experiencing a full range of emotions including joy and hopefulness 

Common interventions used include:

  • Individual (DIR/Floortime) therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Parent guidance

  • In-class observation and interventions

  • Advocacy

We also provide a range of on-site support for schools systems, educators, parents, and mental health professionals.  These proven techniques include:

  • Classroom-based mindfulness activities

  • Trainings in child development, self-observation, classroom-based mindfulness and creating supportive environments

  • Participation in “Kid Talk”, RTI, IEP and disciplinary meetings

  • Collaborative dedication in providing support for students who are struggling the most

  • Classroom management consultations

  • Professional development trainings

We don’t teach kids what to think… We teach them how to think.

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info@connectedpsychology.org or 202.780.9766


Here at Connected Psychology, we understand that development occurs in relationshipNot only do we base our treatment modality in this truth, we work with our clinicians to support their continued development both professionally and personally.

Professionally, we prepare you to change the world, arming you with universal, trans-cultural, and trans-theoretical frontline developmental training that produces results. Through workshops, readings, peer supervision, and intensive hands-on work with clients, you’ll gain the invaluable experience needed to develop the necessary skills to make an impact on your clients and the environment around them.

Personally, we work with you to continue expansion of your own thinking and self-awareness through self-awareness activities, trainings and clinical supervision. Self-awareness is an empirical science...the science of direct knowing, you can’t learn about yourself in a textbook. True confidence comes from knowing yourself and knowing how to get results. You will be given every opportunity to know yourself, directly.


A key aspect of our practice is synthesizing western and eastern thought on the development of human psychology. This holistic and trans-theoretical approach "connects" us.  

Just like the children we work with, we believe that our clinicians are capable, intelligent, independent, and unique.  We individualize our training to craft clinicians into exceptional change-makers.

We value:

  • innovation- outside the box thinking
  • independence- challenging the status quo
  • ethics and integrity 
  • personal responsibility

We strive to help our clinicians develop mature, professional identities that value life-long growth and learning, have strong theoretical bases for their work, and provide client care that is flexible, individualized, creative, and grounded in scholarly inquiry. Our ultimate goal is to help you develop the confidence and tools to be a successful clinician who can change the world.

"This internship year at Connected has been both challenging and formative. The realities and situations I faced throughout the year have provided me with deep insights into parallel process phenomena and the ways groups (such as teachers and school staff) function when faced with painful and nameless emotions. My close experience with the ever-present disruptions characteristic of my patients' lives gave me a non-intellectualized, and in-the-bone-marrow understanding of the fundamental importance of the therapeutic frame and other basic aspects of the therapeutic process.” - A reflection from a 2016-2017 Resident

“The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” 



For more information about our programing and The Connected Foundation connect with us at info@connectedpsychology.org or 202.780.9766