We are Beings in Development

Connected Psychology was founded to provide mental health services to underserved people living in deep poverty and to train the next generation of clinicians to provide these services.

Connected Psychology offers several opportunities for clinicians to join the mission of service.

At Connected Psychology, we know that to be of service in the development of others, it is essential that each clinician must face their own development and strength of character with radical humility and honesty. Clinicians are encouraged to come to a complex understanding and self-awareness of their own intersecting identities and how this affects their work with clients. Each clinician receives support and training according to their own development. A practice of mindful self-awareness prepares the clinician to adequately respond from a place of peace, balance, and strength to the various situations and circumstances that can present during therapy. Through the understanding of self, each therapist is better able to support clients in their development of self-awareness and self-observations, helping them respond from a place of peace, balance, and strength to the various situations and circumstances that life can bring.


Openings available for clinicians licensed for independent practice, graduate-level licenses, clinicians in training.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Proactive communication skills
  • Exceptional critical thinking skills
  • Patience and the ability to tolerate the unknown
  • Trustworthiness
  • Empathy
  • The ability for honest self-reflection
  • Humility and an eagerness to learn

Licensed for Independent Practice

We encourage independently licensed clinicians early in their career to apply. The character forged through service in underserved communities is both rewarding and challenging. To enter into and engage with the changing needs of clients each day requires great strength and courage. At Connected Psychology you will gain a better understanding of yourself, others and the flexibility needed to experience life at its depth and breadth.

Early Career Supervised Practice

To be eligible for our Early Career clinician roles candidates must meet one of the following requirements:

Additional experience considered

  • Experience working with children or adolescents in a clinical setting

Language skills

We are actively seeking individuals with language skills in addition to English.

Advice for New Clinicians

Training Programs

Extern Program

Connected Psychology is pleased to offer an externship for the 2023-2024 school year for four students. Connected Psychology provides developmentally based psychological services (in English and Spanish) in Washington, D.C. schools, and the local community. We help children meet their universal developmental milestones and master developmental tasks of childhood. We also provide a range of on-site support for school systems, educators, parents and mental health professionals.

Each extern will be placed in a DC Public or Charter school where they will work with students, teachers and families. The externship follows the D.C. Public Schools calendar, beginning in late August and ending in June. Each intern is supervised by a licensed clinician on a weekly basis with additional group supervision and a didactic seminar as well. There is also the opportunity to attend school mental health meetings, engage in clinical training with other clinicians as well as other avenues for professional development. There is a $2500 stipend attached to the externship.This externship is in-person.


This is an advanced training site, ideal candidates are able to function with a high degree of independence, hold a Master’s degree in Psychology and have the desire to work with people living in poverty. Candidates should meet the requirements for a Psychology Associate license in DC or a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor. Assistance with applications is provided.

How to apply

Send current CV, cover letter and two references via email to Dr. Anne Thompson at anne@connectedpsychology.org.

Deadline: February 15, 2023

Internships and other training opportunities

At Connected Psychology, we have had the privilege of working with several Washington DC area graduate programs to provide clinical training experiences. If you are interested in exploring training opportunities, please send a letter of introduction and inquiry to anne@connectedpsychology.org


Development occurs in relationship

Connected Psychology offers individualized relational supervision to all members of our team.

Anne Thompson, Ph.D.

Clinical Director and Primary Individual Supervisor

Dr. Thompson has been in practice for over 35 years and she has been supervising and training for over 20 years. She supervises in a relational style, personal style with compassion and empathy as the guiding principle for both the clients and the clinicians. Common humanity as well as psychotherapy in the context of social and economic systems are two common threads she emphasizes in supervision. Growth of the supervisee as a person and as a therapist in relation to themselves and their world is also part of the training.

Stephanie Lopez, Psy.D.

Operations Manager

Dr. Stephanie Lopez-Rivera, a graduate of Carlos Albizu University in Puerto Rico, San Juan, began her career at Connected Psychology as an intern. She has been an intricate part of the development and expansion of Connected Psychology's work with DC schools. She has a high level of expertise in the implementation of DIR in underserved communities. She works closely with clinicians to maximize their time and effectiveness by providing support both clinically and logistically. She is compassionate and direct in her supervision, providing practical feedback that supports the mission. Dr. Lopez's clinical passion is working with Latino families, providing bilingual therapeutic services from a developmental perspective. She enjoys training and guiding new clinicians to develop in the field of psychology.

Becca Ferenci, M.Ed.

Training Manager

Becca joined Connected Psychology after completing graduate school and obtaining her LGPC license. In her role of training manager, she is charged with training new clinicians on developmental perspective and how to implement it in clinical practice. Through Connected Psychology's documentation training, Becca reinforces the understanding of clients through a developmental lens. Becca serves as a resource for new clinicians as they navigate their new roles and their work in the field. Her guiding principle as a trainer and a counselor is authenticity, which is something she strives to infuse into all of her work.

Celeste Crotty, Psy.D.

Co-founder, Business Manager

Dr. Crotty has over 20 years of clinical experience. She has been training and supervising for more than 10 years. Dr. Crotty’s early work with very young children brought to light the core developmental building blocks that make up reciprocal human interactions. Her relational supervision style is based in helping her supervisees see their clients and themselves through a developmental lens. As a part of her focus on development, Dr. Crotty challenges supervisees to address, analyze and revise their own beliefs in order to expand their ability to comprehend and tolerate their client’s experience as well as their own. Self care and mindfulness are additional areas that are emphasized in supervision as essential to ethical practice.