Psychological Services

We provide mental health care services to clients in the DC area that are members of DC Medicaid.

In-school Mental Health

Connected Psychology is partnered with DC Public and Charter Schools to provide in-school mental health services. Connected Psychology takes a unique approach to providing developmentally-based mental health intervention in schools to foster a supportive environment that provides children the best opportunity to meet their developmental potential.

We seek to understand the needs of the child with respect to their mental wellness and psychological environment, and to support meeting those needs, regardless of whether those needs are best addressed at home or at school.

Referrals are made through school personnel or at the request of a child's parent.

Individual Therapy

The DIR model informs our therapists' interventions, including how often children meet with their therapist, the particular interventions and target goals. Typically, children meet 1 to 3 times a week with their therapist. Development is assessed each session with progress evaluated and new treatment goals developed quarterly.

Classroom Observation and Interventions

To better understand the child’s classroom experience, therapists do regular classroom observations. As appropriate, therapists work directly with children during class to implement new techniques and strategies, or provide a supportive presence. Through classroom observation, therapists are better able to work with teachers to provide interventions that support the child’s growth.

Teacher Engagement

Children spend 8 hours a day or more in school-- teachers and school staff are primary care figures for students.

Our therapists work closely with teachers and other school staff to develop and implement strategies that support the child’s individual growth areas. Through teacher meetings, Connected Psychology therapists engage teachers and school staff to maintain a developmental perspective, meeting the child where they are and moving them along their developmental continuum.

Clinicians attend IEP meetings, mental health meetings and disciplinary meetings in support of the child’s developmental needs.

Language and Cultural Support

We work with children and families that are in the process of learning English and navigating the cultural changes that come with immigration to a new culture.

Connected Psychology has several bilingual therapists that provide these services in Spanish.

Parent Engagement

Connected Psychology recognizes the value of parent involvement in their child’s care. Therapists meet regularly with parents to learn more about the child, educate, and implement strategies for success.

Telehealth has enabled greater degrees of connection and communication between therapists and the parents and guardians of our clients, allowing for more integrated interventions and the identification of unmet environmental needs impacting the children we serve.

Parents can also request individual therapy for themselves, or other family members.

How to obtain these services


Please email us at


Contact your school's social worker or counselor to learn if your school participates in our in-school mental health services program.

If services are not yet available at your school, you may request them by using our contact page.


Mental health is defined as the ability to experience life at its fullest depth and widest breadth. While we cannot ensure happiness we can learn to live life in a way that allows us to meet the challenges with an increasing sense of responsibility, competence, peace, and balance.

Connected Therapists are skilled in working with a variety of mental health concerns, with the goal of helping their clients live a fulfilling life. Therapist and client meet at a frequency that is based on the individual needs of the client. Using a developmental perspective, the therapist can help clients identify goals and strategies to meet whatever circumstance life may bring with courage, strength, peace.

Telehealth is available to DC Medicaid participants of any age. If you are interested in telehealth, please contact us. An intake coordinator will contact you within 48 hours.

Services available in both Spanish and English.